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Convert Old Photos to Digital Copies

Technology allows us to preserve the stories of people who die—assuming the technology does not die, too. This article looks at the ways to convert old photos to digital copies and preserve your history.

The idea of old photos and videos being lost in obsolete media formats was something that we are sometimes contacted about by our customers. Some have even suggested in that paper is the best solution to ensuring stories are passed down as it does not rely on technology. Of course, we have never seen a piece of paper that improved over time or in the case of a disaster such as fire or flood!

Printouts are great, but they are not the same as digital copies stored on a hard drive or in the cloud for the entire family to access.

If you see your family pictures starting to fade away in their shoe boxes, crumbling photo albums or moulding slide carousels, fear not. There are several ways to save your valuable images — and maybe make them better.

Converting old media into digital files might not sound like your idea of a good time, but it does not have to be a struggle.

But what is the best way to digitize photos? It depends on how many you have, your budget, what you intend to do with the photos, and how much free time you have.

Why You Should Convert Old Photos to Digital Copies

There are several reasons why you may want to convert old photos to digital copies:

  • Damage physical photos. Water damage, discoloration, and accidental tears are all reasons that could ruin your treasured photos forever. Making digital copies allows you to make as many backups as needed so that you will never have to worry about losing your entire family history in the event of a flood or fire.
  • Photo albums, frames, and storage boxes can take up a lot of space. While you can store hundreds of thousands of digital copies on a single external hard drive.
  • Family photos are meant for sharing. Having digital copies ensures that every family member can have access to every photo ever taken.

Digitalizing photos also allows you to correct blemishes, adjust white balance or lighting, or crop out things as needed. These adjustments simply cannot be made to physical photos.

Everyone should consider scanning in at least some of their old photos. It may take some time or money to get started, but the benefits of having old photos protected, shared, and edited far outweigh the costs.

You can always start small with your most treasured photos as you don’t need to scan in your entire collection at once.

Convert Printed Photos to Digital Format Using Scanner

While there has always been an option to scan printed photos using a scanner, not many people take this route. Buying a good quality scanner is expensive and using the scanner to digitalize old photos is time consuming.

Take Photos of Printed Photos

Another option that is commonly used is to use a Digital Camera or the Rear Camera of an iPhone or Android Phone to take photos of printed photos, to produce a digital copy of the printed photos.

While this option manages to produce a digital copy of your printed photos, using this option often results in poor quality images with glare and crooked edges.

Photo-Digitizing Services

The easiest way to tackle this project is to simply hire a photo-digitizing service such as Digitize Media.

If you are worried about losing your photos in the post or our team looking every photo that you send to us, then please give us a call so that we can re-assure you.

Your scanning service will be performed by local staff and not outsourced to countries with cheaper labour.

Also, you can test the quality of our service by starting with a smaller job before moving onto the complete collection.

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