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Digitise Photos Service

Long ago we used to buy things rolls of film which we put into our cameras. These rolls had finite space for photos, and when they were full, we would take them, or post them, to photo developers and get them processes into physical photographs on usually on glossy photo paper. This means that you could have a lot of old photos lying around that you want to keep forever but there are not easy to access and slow to sort through after all these years. The best way to bring your old photographs to life is to digitise them using a professional Digitise Photos Service so that they do not degrade, get lost or damaged.

You do not want to lose the memories contained in these photographs and to maintain the photos, and you need to pick the best photo scanning service in the UK that can help you to archive your old photos and slide into a digital format.

But with many photo digiting services available, which one do you choose to scan your old photos into digital format? This article looks at what to look for in photos scanning services in the UK that are reliable and affordable.

How To Choose The Best Photo Scanning Service

Photo Scanning Digital Storage

Most photo scanning services offer a range of ways to deliver your final images. Most of them will either offer to send your photos via DVD or USB, but a few have additional options such as hosting your images in the cloud and allow you to download them to whatever device you like. Some charge extra for this, some do not.

Photo Scanning Delivery and Collection

These are some of the questions to ask:

  • Does the photo scanning service offer free postage service?
  • How clear are the instructions on how to package your image?
  • What happens to the photos once they arrive, when they are scanned, and how they are sent back?

If you are hesitant to send your photos through the post, some photo digitising services allow you to drop off images directly at the nearest office or provide a personal collection service.

Photo Scanning Quality

The quality of a digital image can vary dramatically. Look at the minimum and maximum resolution images that each provider creates. This can range from from 72 dpi through to 1200 dpi.

Photo Scanning Price

Obviously, the cost of your photo scanning is a factor. Look at not only the average cost per image, but also the bundles and packages available.

The costs may involve the shipping fee so be careful to factor this into your equation.

Fast Turnaround

Sometimes you are interested in a fast turnround time. Check out if there are any special fast scanning options and which type of photographs they pertain to, for example printed photos, not any other media, e.g., negatives or slides.

Free Backup Service

Keeping the copies of your scanned images and other data on a cloud service is a smart decision in case of hardware failures. Some image digitising services offer a free backup service (sometimes for a limited time) if you do not feel comfortable in securing the photos online yourselves.

Reasons to Choose Digitize Media for your Digitise Photos Service

As we stated there are many options to choose from but here are some of the reasons that our happy clients choose Digitize Media for their Digitise Photos Service:

  • We are a family business, and you can speak to someone and not just a faceless online company.
  • We have a flexible approach and can put together tailor made solutions based on your ideal requirements.
  • We provide good customer service where clear communication and product satisfaction are key to us.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Fantastic Trustpilot reviews.
  • We have a swift response to queries and quick turnaround times.
  • We have a new traceable courier collection service.
  • We provide a service for ex-pats.
  • We sell gift vouchers for a unique birthday or anniversary gift.
  • Family based order images can be shared amongst family members once digitized.

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