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Digitize Media Customer Reviews - We Take Notice Of What You Say

Digitize Media Customer Reviews

The Digitize Media team are very aware that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Digitize Media Customer Reviews are taken very seriously.

We also know that, for a person to leave a positive review then, they must be extremely pleased with the product or service that they have received. People are very happy to leave negative reviews as they think that they are getting they own back on the business that has let them down, but if the service is average, or what they expected, then they normally will not bother to leave a review. Negative reviews often have a detrimental and, sometimes dramatic, effect on a business.

Through an online review, customers have the power to affect the success of businesses and it is only those who are willing to respond to and act upon customer expectations that will com out on top.

These days, people are talking and people are listening online, with everyone reading and making decisions based upon reviews from other customers. The online review is potentially the most powerful, mutually beneficial tool any business can employ.

The Role of the Internet in Shopping

The internet has now evolved into a forum where consumers evaluate products and services based on impressions and feedback from other, like-minded consumers.

It is easy to assume the importance of customer reviews, but it is important to analyse and see how they impact a business.  We, at Digitize Media. use our customer reviews to gain insights into what our customers think and to develop plans to improve our performance.

Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can also strengthen a businesses credibility. Reviews have the power to gain customer trust, and they encourage people to interact with the company. In fact, Digitize Media chat with most of our customers before they place an order. You can just leave your telephone number on our website, and we will give you a no pressure informative call back. (your number will not be shared with anyone).

Negative Reviews and Customer Engagement

Reviews provide an opportunity for businesses and customers to build an emotional connection with with one another. After-sales customer service establishes trust and, positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a business more.

The likelihood of a purchase peaks when a product’s star rating is between 4.0 to 4.7, it then begins to decrease as the rating gets closer to 5.0. This trend demonstrates that a perfect review history is not trusted.

In the retail business, having a mixture of positive and negative reviews appears to be important as it demonstrates to potential customers that the reviews are authentic. More than 80% of shoppers actually seek out negative reviews, believing they show the business credibility as, if a business has only excellent reviews, it leads to suspicion.

Importance Of Replying To Customer Reviews

The majority of customers expect businesses to respond to their online review within 7 days, and some customers will even upgrade their review if a business responds to their complaint faster with mitigating reasons. The importance of replying to a negative review cannot be ignored, as 45% of customers are more likely to revisit a business if it responds to the negative reviews.

At Digitize Media, we do not receive many negative reviews, but we are committed to take action when faced with a negative review. By responding to negative reviews we can put complaint into context and  mitigate the negative impact. We think, that a negative review offers an opportunity to redress the situation, to acknowledge the customer complaints and to demonstrate to potential customers that you we a company of principles and ethics – we are a business that cares about its customers.

Digitize Media Customer Reviews

Below we will give a small sample of Digitize Media Customer Reviews, but you can check them all out yourself at Digitize Media Customer Reviews

Quick and great service

Quick and great service. Also refunded some money I’d paid as they were unable to scan the photos because they were on thick mounts. Easy to contact also.

Reply from Digitizemedia

27 Jun 2020

We were happy to help. It’s always worth enclosing your prints and if we scan them we will. If we cannot then there is no charge.

This is a very professional company

This is a very professional company, providing an excellent service, with full support during the process.

I have to mention Sam, who was most helpful!

Many Thanks to all at Digitizemedia!

Reply from Digitizemedia

3 Jun 2020

Thank you Jim for you kind words. Stay safe

A sideboard crammed full of slides converted to 3 usb sticks.

Very impressed with the service. It’s wonderful to be able to access my old 35mm slides – holidays going back to 1963. Really enjoying dipping into them and brings back a lot of memories.

Sam was very helpful and the whole process was simple and quick.

Reply from Digitizemedia

9 Dec 2019

Thank you for your feedback and we were glad to help yourself and your lovely mother. Enjoy reminiscing.

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