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Digitized Photo Gift - The Ideal Way To Shop This Christmas

Shop Early Online This Christmas

Shoppers are being urged to buy early this year for online Christmas gifts. A Digitized Photo Gift is an excellent choice based on cost and convenience during Covid-19.

With less than three months to go before Christmas, the online retail industry is getting ready for a huge swell in demand and is worried that online stores may struggle to manage if we leave it until December to make our orders

Online stores are asking consumers to spread out their shopping and do it over the upcoming months and not all at the last minute.

Even before the Covid-19 lockdown, online sales were up an average of 5% compared to the same time the previous year. These days at lot of people have a fear of going to the high street or a shopping mall as it greatly increases the risk of contracting Coronavirus, compared with staying at home and shopping from a computer or mobile device. This has led to an increase of 40-50% in on-line shopping compared to last year.

Shops Normally Full at Christmas

The days when the shops were crammed full in the runup to Christmas will certainly not be occurring in 2020, as everyone must shop safely and maintain strict social distancing rules. To help the elderly, who may not find it so comfortable to buy online, some physical stores, such as Boots, are planning bookable out-of-hours shopping slots for customers over 60.

Consumer groups are urging customers not to panic buy but to spread their shopping with online sales predicted to be at least 30% higher during the festive season.

As well as the run on stock, there are the delivery logistics to worry about, with the parcel carriers in the UK prepared for a period of sustained demand this autumn and winter as shoppers flock online for convenience as social distancing restrictions remain in place.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has also come at the cost of rising unemployment and growing uncertainty over jobs, with many families may feel less able or willing to spend as much as in previous years.

Digitized Photos are an Ideal Christmas Present

One way of reducing physical shopping time and lowering the cost of your purchases is to use digitized photos as part of your Christmas presents.

The photos can be sent as digital images or as part of a physical product such as a photograph frame or a coffee mug.

Typically the time taken to digitize your photographs is about a week (longer for slides) but you must take into consideration the time taken to clean, repair and sort your photographs before sending them to a professional photo scanning service. A shortage of time may not be such a problem this year as:

  • You may be working from home and have your travelling time spare
  • You may be on furlough or be, sadly, unemployed

Also note that during the Coronavirus crisis we, at Digitize Media, have seen unprecedented demand for our fast, low cost and high-quality service.

What Type of Digitized Photo Gift to Send?

Now that you have decided to make presents from your cherished photo collection, you must decide in which form the Digitized Photo Gift will take.

Send Christmas Presents as Digital Files

One of the great benefits of this idea is that you are not going to be worried if the item is going to get delayed delivery or become lost in the post.

Another benefit is that your gifts can be sent out on Christmas Day and cannot be opened beforehand.

You can also send the same present to several members of your family.

Examples of this simple, low-cost present are:

  • Digital File using We Transfer or Dropbox
  • Photo Collage
  • Photo Wallet Card

Send as Physical Christmas Presents

There are two phases with these types of presents:

  • Getting your photos scanned and digitized
  • Attaching the digitized image to the gift

So, you must start thinking and planning right now if you want to use this type of Christmas present as both steps will take time. Examples are:

  • Photo Keychain or Keyring
  • Photo Bookmarks
  • Framed Photo
  • Wooden Slice of Birch
  • Photo Cube
  • Photo Мug
  • Calendar
  • Mousemats
  • Posters
  • Ironing Covers, Tea Towels and Bedding

Use Your Digitized Photos as a Christmas Day Slideshow Presentation

As many of us are likely to be having a virtual family Christmas party this year due to the ‘rule of 6’, another option for a Christmas present is to create a presentation of Christmas days from years gone by.

Making this presentation after your Christmas lunch will be certain to bring back loads of memories, laughter and tears for you family all over the world.

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