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Photo Scanner or Photo Scanning Service?


To do it yourself or outsource to the professionals? That is the question that will go through the mind of every person the moment they decide to finally getting around to digitising their photographs.

People will generally attempt in the first instance to scan from the home printer.  The reality is that it will be slow (painfully slow) and therefore time consuming and the results will be at the very best average but in the main poor.  Home printers do scan but not very well for anything other than a black and white word document.


Photo Scanners

Some people will however persevere with the “do it yourself” notion and go to the trouble to search and buy a photo scanner. Again courtesy of Google we can see that people search for a photo scanner on a very vague basis and use terms such as:

Photo scanner

Best scanner for photos

How to scan photos


How to make my photos digital?

Unless you are looking to pay at least £1,000 for a basic commercial model, then the high street photo scanners will still not provide the results you are hoping to achieve. Yes, the high street photo scanners will be easier to use than the home printer, yes they will be quicker (but still slow in real terms) and the scanning quality results will be a little better BUT all in all the outcome will still be time consuming and the results will not be to the standard you would want for your cherished images.

Really the only search term anyone who wants to digitise their photographs should use is: Digitize Media. Your photographs are valuable, so do them justice by getting them scanned properly and use a specialist company (like Digitize Media) and you will experience a professional service that is pain free, competitive rates and excellent results.

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