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Analogue Photo Scanning Service - Share Your Digitized Photos

Share Your Digitized Photos

After you have spent all that effort sorting and storing decades of your old photos and slides then using an Analogue Photo Scanning Service – do not keep your photos to yourself.

In this article, we will look at some of the ways that you can share your digitized images with your friends and family. After all, these special moments will be passed along to future generations by the folks that you have shared the images with.

An important thing to consider is the potential longevity of your selected digitized photo sharing option and the quality of the viewing on a full screen. Whatever product you choose, you must resist the urge to keep the digitized photos on one laptop or desktop computer.

Create Slide Presentations of Digital Photos

When it comes to presenting your scanned slides and photos, a slideshow can be one of your best options of creating a memorable display of the past.

You can create a slide presentation of a theme, maybe a memorial or a celebration of someone.

You can add music, a detailed description that will help ensure you never forget the who, when and where the image was taken, and change the play speed for an even more realistic experience to share with your friends and family online.

The most popular slide presentation tool is Slideshare which has been taken over by Scribd. You can create private or public accounts where you can choose if you want to share your photos with a specific group or the whole world.

Create A Digitized Photo Collage

Digital photo collages make a great gift or keepsake to highlight a special moment or person in your life.

One idea is to select several photos of the person as a newborn baby and beautifully arrange it using photoshop.

Upload Digitized Photos onto Google Photo Albums

You can upload your digitized photos and slides into the free Google Photos service. You will get unlimited storage for photos up to 16MP in size (4920-by-3264 pixels).

Google Photos comes with facial recognition capabilities which will help you organise your pictures and quickly find people in them. You can also add where and when the original photos were taken if you know this information.

The security part of Google Photos is quite simple to use, as you just  have to invite a Gmail user into an album for them to see it.

Upload Digitized Photos onto Amazon Cloud

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you have free unlimited photo storage on their service for as long as you subscribe.

This is a good option if you are going to stay with Amazon and Amazon do look like they are here for the long term.

Amazon offer advanced features such as tagging and organisation in the paid Lightroom subscription. You will get access to an application for managing large batches of images and 1TB of cloud storage on Adobe’s servers.

Share Your Digitized Images On Social Media

With a large proportion of your friends and family using the social media, this are not many better ways to share your memorable moments from the past.

Using Facebook or Instagram puts your old photos in a modern environment with real-time engagement from your followers around the world.

Before uploading you can use a photo editing app such as Instasize to resize your image for IG or for Stories. Instasize cropping also lets you adjust your photo without losing the original aesthetic.

Share Your Digitized Images On Flickr

Flickr is owned by Yahoo and has excellent photo management and sharing tools. As well as full screen viewing, they include tools to label, tag, and date each photo. With Flickr you can

  • “like or favorite” the photos and add additional comments
  • Restrict viewing from private to public
  • Search inside Flickr
  • Keep statistics on numbers of views

Email Your Digitized Photos

Another option, and maybe the easiest, is to email the digitized photos to a list of your friends and family. One thing to watch for here is the maximum attachment size or the likelihood of your email being marked as Spam due to the attachment.

Analogue Photo Scanning Service

With so many options on how to share your old photos and slides, you do not have to limit yourself to just one. Try some out until you find the best way to share your old photos and slides with your friends and family.

But first, you may have to use a Analogue Photo Scanning Service. Be sure to choose a professional photo digitizing service such as Digitize Media, who will look after your cherished photographs and create excellent quality digitized images of your old photos and slides.


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