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Below is just a few of the questions we are frequently asked. However, if you do not see an answer for your question or you are unsure about any part of our service or the process then please contact us on: enquiries@digitizemedia.co.uk

What is DPI and what is a suitable DPI for me?
Photographs can be scanned to 3 different resolution levels – 300, 600 or 1200 dpi. Slides are scanned at 3300dpi (dimension of 33.87 x 22.87 cm/ 4000px x 2664px scans).

DPI depicts the sharpness / quality of your photograph / scan. If you compared 300/600/1200 dpi on your PC screen or as a 6×4 photo, then you will notice very little difference. However, once you start enlarging this image then you notice that the image becomes blurred if the dpi is not high enough. For most scanning 300 dpi is more than adequate. However, if you plan to enlarge your photos to A4 – A3 in size then use 600 dpi. If you plan to enlarge your posters beyond A3 then use 1200dpi. However, you must remember that your scans can only ever be as good as the original photo. Blurred or faded photographs will produce blurred or faded scanned images.

I want my photos converted and saved in folders / categories – can you do this?
Yes we offer this service. A small charge is applicable due to the set-up time required per folder. We ask that you put your photos/slides in envelopes/containers and clearly label accordingly.  Folders must be requested and paid for at the time of ordering. We do not offer a guaranteed scan in order as supplied service for photographs but can for slides if they are clearly numbered.

Do Digitize Media just do Photos and Slides?
No, we also scan non-stapled documents up to A4 in size. Contact us at enquiries@digitizemedia.co.uk and we will provide you with a quote based on your requirements.  We can also scan double sided documents.

What size photos can I send off?
From 2.5″x2″ to 8.5″x34″.  All frames, mounts, blue tack or tape must be removed please. We cannot process Polaroid photographs.

How long does the whole process take?
The whole process will take between 3 and 7 days for photographs and 5 to 15 days for slides. We will advise at the time of your order being placed. If you require an urgent turnaround then please contact us on: enquiries@digitizemedia.co.uk

Do you ship to an International address?
Yes we do!  Contact us at enquiries@digitizemedia.co.uk and we will provide you with a quote based on your requirements. Full payment in advance must be made.

Terms & Conditions

1) If you have supplied us with more photographs or slides than you have paid for we will notify you and ask for payment to cover the difference – please refer to our prices.

2) Refunds are not offered for incorrect ordering (quantity) or once we have taken receipt of your photographs or slides. Refunds for orders paid for via PayPal and where the photographs or slides have not been received will be refunded less 10%.

3) If you are not satisfied with the results of the scanning we provide for you then you must notify us either by email or telephone at the earliest opportunity. We will then look at your concerns. We have very high standards and will do all we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Remember the scan can only ever be as good as the image being scanned. In the first instance, we will attempt to correct any issues by rescanning.

4) Unless you have opted for a Express service (pre-arranged/additional cost) we cannot guarantee time scales for processing as our levels of business vary. We do undertake to complete all within 10 days and on average orders are processed within 5 days.

5) We undertake never to publish your photos or images in any of our websites or with any third-party company or third-party websites. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

6) Whilst we will look at your photographs as a product we do not actually study or look at your images.  We handle thousands of photos and it is not in our interests to start looking at the images on the photos. We check for quality status only. Your personal integrity and privacy is fundamental to us.

7) We do not wish to knowingly, or otherwise, breach a professional photographer’s copyright. Please only send us images for conversion that you own the copyright on.

8) We will keep your scanned images on our secure internal data server for 30 days (unless you request otherwise). After these 30 days, these will be permanently deleted.  We recommend that you back them up as soon as you receive them.

9) If an order is received with no instructions as to which service is required then we will process these using our Standard service.

10) The Digitize Media Ltd scanning services will not automatically repair any damage/scratches/marks to an image as a result if of these imperfections on the photographs or slides. These imperfections will appear on the scanned image. However, we can offer a post scanning software imperfection improvement service (charge applies). Please request this at the time of ordering. This service helps to reduce obvious marks but will not eradicate all marks completely. We are unable to provide a colour balance or editing service for any photographs or slide images that are overexposed, faded etc.

11) All photographs are to be supplied out of mounts, frames and without any other properties attached – such as mounts, glue tabs, blu-tack, Sellotape, staples etc. All slides are to be supplied with the film securely fitted within the slide mount. Any slide films that are supplied crooked with also scan crooked.

12) Photographs and slides should be supplied to us all facing the same way. We will not be able to guarantee that the digitally converted images will be rotated to the correct orientation. However, these can easily be rotated on your own devices.

13) Digitize Media Ltd always endeavour to produce the best quality scans, though the quality of the finished scan will always be restrained by the quality of the original material provided to us. Digitize Media Ltd cannot be held responsible for failing to scan an image to a sufficient level if the damage to the original image is deemed too great or the quality of the original image is too poor.

14) Slides – we use commercial slide scanning equipment and the scanning results we achieve are to a very high standard. However the following should be noted:

The slides will be scanned with a thin black border around the image. This border does not detract from the image. This border can be cropped on your digital devices if required.

All slides are all scanned in horizontal orientation, including portrait images. Portrait images can however be rotated very easily.

Whilst we always endeavour and take care to scan slides the right way around (face way around) some images are not always obvious from looking initially at a slide. In this instance converted images that are the wrong way around can be flipped on all computers.

Each slide project at the beginning is calibrated to a brightness setting that we believe provides a natural and true image. However any particularly dark slide images within the order may need further brightening on your digital devices using the most basic software.

All slides have any loose dust blown away prior to scanning but are not cleaned due to the risk of damage. Our scanning results provide a high quality like for like copy of the slide image. As such any imperfections on the slide will show on the converted image.

Post scanning imperfection improvement service for slides is specialist third part software that runs the each image individually and is designed to detect “image noise” (marks, dust sports, scratches etc). It then removes the imperfections from the digital image. This application does remove a lot of the marks and will tidy up the old images but it is not 100% accurate and will not remove all imperfections.

15) If the supplied USB device arrives damaged or faulty then a replacement will be despatched to you (we must be notified within 7 days of your order being dispatched).

16) Digitize Media accepts no responsibility arising from lost, damaged or delayed items while in transit to or from us. We will always obtain a posting receipt and notify you once we have received and dispatched your photographs or slides.

17) Digitize Media, in the highly unlikely occurrence of a problem, will investigate and aim to resolve as a priority. We will not be able to provide any financial compensation, other than a partial refund.

18) It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct return delivery address at the time of ordering. We are not obliged to re-send an order to the correct address at our expense. A further delivery charge will be made in such circumstances.

19) All orders under £65.00 of value will not qualify for free return postage. In this instance a charge of £8.65 will be levied at the checkout. These orders will be returned using a secure, trackable service (Royal Mail Parcelforce or Royal Mail Special Delivery). A full tracking receipt will be made available.

20) The price of the services shall be that stipulated on this website, errors and omissions excepted. Digitize Media Ltd are not VAT registered.

21) Digitize Media Ltd only use reliable and professional courier services that provide a tracking system for all collection and return delivery requirements. However we cannot be held responsible for any service interruptions that are unlikely but may occur. In this instance Digitize Media Ltd will work with the courier to seek an urgent resolution. At the time of publishing this condition (February 2021) Digitize Media Ltd can confirm no orders have ever been lost or damaged since trading.