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Photo Scanning Service UK

You have photos, there are thousands of them in shoeboxes in your attic or garage, but what do you with them. Digitize Media are experts in photo scanning – especially for large collections. What sets us apart from other photo scanning services in the UK?

  • Personal Service. You will work with one of our team, indeed it will feel like one of the family, to select the right scanning options and assure the collection is scanned and organised as you wish.
  • High Tech. Every photo is scanned by hand on the best equipment by our top technicians.
  • Local and Trusted. We are enormously proud of our reviews from all over the UK and our new expat service for those living abroad.
  • Many formats. We are able scan photographs, slides, and negatives to digital format.
  • Home pickups. We are now offering a courier collection service – doorstep collection to provide convenience.

Your Photo Scanning Consultation

You can send us entire unsorted loose photo collections, slide carousels and boxed slides – we know it is hard to keep this stuff organised – and we will take care of the counting. When you send the photos to us then you may be unaware of what you possess, but soon, you will be amazed when you receive the scanned photos back in your possession in digitized format.

Of course, we just do not convert your old photos, slides and negatives to digital. We also want to deliver your scanned images back to you in a format that that is useful. We will send you your files back on an easy to manage USB drive, that will allow you to save and distribute the scanned photos exactly as you wish which will be great for display on all your electronic devices: phones, computers, and TVs.

You may, rightly, be very concerned about sorting your scanned photos, but we will furnish you with plenty of tips and tricks that will help you to easily perform this online using a variety of easy-to-use software options.

Each image is hand-scanned in our UK facility using professional scanning equipment that delivers a high-resolution result.

Fast and Affordable Photo Scan Service

Sometimes you want to get your digitized photos back in a real hurry, so we offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Prices as low as 8p pence per photo
  • Fast turnaround times of between 3 and 7 business days
  • Scanning to order – we provide a flexible, tailored made service.
  • Regular Resolution of 300 dpi but increased quality options are available such as 600 and 1200 dpi.

Why Use A Photo Scanning Service?

You may be asking why you need to use a Photo Scanning Service in the UK. Here are some reasons:

  • It is easy to share your lifetime with friends and family as a gift, to commemorate a special occasion, or to finally bring together the prints and digital images that tell your family’s story.
  • It is painful to try to do it yourself – Scanning a thousand photos with your home scanner will take nearly 24 full hours to do.
  • Rediscovering older photos is fun – Photos document your personal history, all the moments that make your life uniquely yours.
  • Deterioration – Your personal history fades every day, one photo at a time. Due to photo processing and storage when your photos were originally taken, your prints are susceptible to fading, colour changes, and other types of photo damage, more and more every day that passes.
  • Permanence – Every year, families lose photo collections due to unexpected disasters, fires and flooding. All photos scanned will be converted into high-resolution jpeg files for optimal

Photo Scanning Service UK

Convert your photos & slides into digital copies using Digitize Media – The professional photo scanning service in the UK

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