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Celebrating and Acknowledging your Loved One’s Lives

When my parents passed away within 3 years of each other, my family and I suddenly found ourselves left with thousands of photographs. The photographs made fascinating, emotional and lovely viewing, but we were left with many challenges – how were we going to share some of the most prized images amongst family members, record certain key moments for generations to come whilst preserving the images as the photographs started to show signs of deterioration. Scanning was obviously an option but with just a decent home printer/copier/scanner to hand we soon realised that it would take many, many days to convert these precious images.

Since Digitize Media was founded we are both proud and privileged to know that we have made a difference to other families. We have, for instance, scanned and delivered photographs within 48 hours of enquiry for a funeral. Scanned many slides and photographs for other funeral / wake services for the relatives who have had loved ones pass away.

Death and funerals are a tough time for those surviving, but to be able to share and view the life of the person that you have just lost, and preserving the images for generations to come is incredibly positively powerful.

Scanning and preserving your photograph and slides allows both memories and lives to live on.

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