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Help Cope With Anxiety and Boredom During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Time on your hands? Why not use it to finally pull together and digitise photos and slides of your family.

Escape from the gloom and reminisce and share all of your memories and digitise photos and slides. Protect, share, reminisce.

Some of the best ways to cope with the stress of CoronaVirus as well as reliving boredom are:

  • Connect with loved ones
  • Getting all those things you have been putting off finally done
  • Find ways to laugh and to lighten the mood
  • Find activities that bring happiness and are cathartic

Digitizing your old photos and slides is a great way to meet all four of these criteria.

Digitise photos and slides

For years you have most likely not seen many if not all of your old photographs and slides. Members of your family have probably never seen them – especially the grandchildren. You have meant to organise them and better still to get them scanned so you can upload them to your computer and other digital devise. However up to now you have not had the time. Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus outbreak many people other the next few months will have the time. 

Preserve your photos and slides

Your family photos and slides are a part of your personal history and legacy. Those photos are stored in basements, under beds and in attics. They are a testimony and to the traditions that make up your family and an archive of your personal history.

We think that these photos and slides will always be available but photographs and slides can perish over time with damage as a result of light exposure, moisture, accidents, and man handling. Of course they can also get misplaced or mistakenly thrown away.

How To Organise Your Photographs and Slides Ready For Scanning

Designate a space in your home as your temporary workspace, and set up a table or desk.

Set out some boxes so you can categorise you images. Label the boxes accordingly. Some category ideas are: By Date, By Event/Holiday, By Person.

For photographs, remove from albums and mounts. But if removing from an album and you are likely to want to put the photos back after scanning then number them on the back of the photo and then do the same on the page in the album. Put your album photographs in an envelope to keep them together.

For photographs remove all blu-tack, sticky tape, staples.

Use this opportunity to discard out of focus or damaged images, duplicate images, images that are no longer of interest or relevance.

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