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Digitize Old Holiday Photographs %%sep%% Rescue and Share Your Memories

Digitize Old Holiday Photographs

As Covid-19 travel restrictions begin to be reduced, millions of Britons have taken the risk of being scrambled home and have embarked on a summer holiday outside the UK. However, most Britons have decided that it is not worth the effort and have decided on a Staycation. This option is unlikely to improve their suntan but there are many places worth visiting in the UK with great historical and cultural interest as well as the traditional coastal holidays. Has your 2021 Staycation made you reminisce about previous UK holidays and do you want to now Digitize Old Holiday Photographs?

Before the 1980’s, holidays in the UK were the norm for most people with many people heading for holiday camps such as Butlins, caravan parks like Porthcawl or more luxury offerings such as hotels and guesthouses. Many of these places still exist, albeit in a more upscale nature.

Photographs, many in black and white, from holidays from the past 100 years are likely to be stored away in boxes in your attic, spare room, or garage. Has your summer holiday in the UK triggered memories from over 30 years ago that you want to relive or to investigate what summer holidays were like for your forefathers before you were born?

Digitize Old Holiday Photographs

Many people have an emotionally powerful experience, when making the photo journey through past holidays whether it is remembering things that had slipped away or discovering secrets of their family’s history that would otherwise be lost forever.

As the long winter days are now just around the corner and foreign travel possibilities are still unclear as the travel traffic light ratings are changing all the item, is this the time to consider locating those boxes of photos and turning them into a digital formal?

This process has many advantages including saving the photos and slides from further deterioration, being able to easily share the travel experiences using email, cloud storage or the social media, and a great idea for a novel gift.

Even the quality of the photographs can be improved when going through the digitisation process.

Do It Yourself or use a Professional Digitizing Service

When you have decided that you want to digitize your old holiday photos you must decide whether to do it yourself or use a professional photo scanning service.

Regardless of the direction you choose, be sure to first organise your paper photos before you digitize them, or you will end up wasting a lot of time.

You can organize your paper photos by major categories like decades or people, and then sub-organise them into sections, like holidays. One way to do this is by putting photos into piles or small boxes, divided by index cards, and labelled with sticky notes.


If you prefer to digitize photos yourself, you can choose from inexpensive flatbed scanner, a multifunction printer or if you want to speed the process up buy something like the Epson FastFoto FF-680W.

When scanning the photos facedown, keep in mind the higher the dots per inch (DPI), the better the resolution will be. For example, 300 DPI is OK for photos, but 600 DPI is recommended to ensure you get all the details in your pictures.

If you select the DIY option to scan your old holiday photos, then you must be aware of the following:

  • There may well be technical issues in setting up your hardware and software that you will find difficult to overcome
  • Unless you invest in real high end scanning hardware your results will be average or poor scanning quality
  • The length of time to scan could be many days if you have a lot of prints or slides to scan

Professional Scanning Services

If you have too many photos, are too busy, or don’t think you are tech-savvy enough to do it on your own, you can use a professional photo scanning service such as Digitize Media to handle the job for you.

Some of the reasons that our happy clients choose Digitize Media to Digitize Old Holiday Photographs:

  • We are a family business, and you can speak to someone and not just a faceless online company.
  • We have a flexible approach and can put together tailor made solutions based on your ideal requirements.
  • We provide good customer service where clear communication and product satisfaction are key to us.
  • We have competitive rates.
  • We have Fantastic Trustpilot reviews.
  • We have a swift response to queries and quick turnaround times.
  • We have a new traceable courier collection service.
  • We provide a service for ex-pats.
  • We sell gift vouchers for a unique birthday or anniversary gift.
  • Family based order images can be shared amongst family members once digitized.

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