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Father’s Day Digitized Images as Gifts

Digitized images as gifts could be ideal for the coming Father’s Day on 21st June. Are you racking your brain trying to figure out what to get Dad for the special day?

So, this year, instead of the extra tie that he will never wear or the aftershave that will just sit on the bathroom shelf, why not consider digitizing old photographs of your father and creating a personalised photo gift that he will remember for the rest of his life.

A photo scanning service can digitize the memories your dad is keeping the loft or basement. After scanning the photos or slides, the digitized images can be turned into a gift

In this article, we will look at some of the Father’s Day gift ideas that can be created from digitized photographs or slides

Father’s Days Photo Keychain or Keyring

Do you think your Dad would like to carry photographs of his grandchildren around at all times?

You can add your grandchildren’s digitized photos to a beautiful metal and leather photo keyring that will make the perfect personalised gift for your father.

Your chosen photo will be printed directly printed onto the stainless steel insert, and which is hidden within the leather case, making a subtle yet heartfelt gift that can be taken wherever you go.

Father’s Days Photo Bookmarks

Is your father an avid reader? Why not make him a bookmark that makes him smile every time he picks up his favourite reading material?

Digitized Images as Gifts – Father’s Day Framed Photo

If your dad would enjoy a simple framed photo – why not make it Father’s Day themed?

Father’s Days Wooden Slice of Birch

Get you photo printed directly onto a beautiful rustic piece of birch with natural bark around the outer edge.

Father’s Days Photo Mug

The mug that he uses for his daily cuppa can be personalised the baby or grandchildren’s face.

Father’s Days Photo Cube

Made from wood or glass, you can save store special memories in a photo cube. The photo cube comes with photo windows on each side, plus the lid, so you can transfer photos, at different times, that commemorate an important event in your father’s life.

Digital File

The most simple is digitized images as gifts. A digitized photo of a special occasion that is ready for printing on canvas, posters or whatever makes your father most happy.

Dad Travel Photo Collage

Create a travel collage to show all of his exciting trips around the world.

Personalised Metal Photo Wallet Card.

What better way to let someone know that you are thinking about them than to give them a compact, personalised, high-quality metal card that will easily fit into his wallet.

You can draw inspiration from many places leading to unique and meaningful gifts for occasions like Father’s Day. We enjoy looking to Pinterest for ideas , but searching the Internet will also provide a myriad of interesting suggestions for your ideal digitized photo fathers day gift.

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