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Digitized Photos – The Ideal Gift

Gift cards often feels like the go to option when you do not know what to give someone on their special day, and while gift cards may be practical, they’re also quite impersonal. Digitized Photos could be the Ideal gift for someone you love.

So, what do you give to someone that has everything, without further cluttering up the household with gadgets that will just sit in the corner and take up space? A set of digitized photos of course!

How to Transform Digitized Photos into Unique Photo Gifts

If you have long been wanting to digitize old photos stuck in the attic in boxes and albums, the best option is to hire a professional photo scanning service, such as Digitize Media, to do the job for you.

Choosing a photo digitizing company will certainly save you a lot of time and effort, not to mention the cost of purchasing all the hardware equipment and software to do it yourself. The DIY option often looks cheaper, but you need to be careful if it is the right option for you (link to Photo Digitizing Options blog page).

You may have slides as well as prints to digitize, and scanning slides to digital formats at home is not an easy or straightforward task, so employing a professional photo scanning service will make even more sense in this case.

Being Creative with your Scanned Digital Photo Gift

Once you have digitized your photos, there are range of creative ideas available.

So, if a loved one has a special milestone coming up, a photo memento is one of among the nicest and most thoughtful items to give someone.

  • Display the images as a continuous slide show on a digital photo frame – Digitize Media offer these at a very special rate
  • Create a slideshow for a computer or your smart TV
  • Use the digital images to order personalized items, such as:
    • Calendar
    • Photobook
    • Mugs
    • Mousemats
    • Posters
    • Ironing covers, tea towels and bedding
    • Key rings and jewelry pendants

All of the images are supplied as JPG’s so they are perfect for editing – making contrast improvements, removing red-eye, inserting a title or emoji.  Even the most basic computer pre-installed software will be sufficient for your personal editing decisions.  After editing just re-save.

JPG is also the perfect format for allowing you to upload your images to cloud storage locations, with use of slideshow applications and for uploading to third party personal gift retailers.

Once the photographs are scanned and converted you have a whole multitude of options open to you as to how you can use these images. Also remember once scanned they are then preserved forever.

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