About Digitize Media | Best Photo Scanning And Slide Scanning in UK

Good Service allows for Prioritising Urgent Orders

Digitize Media often gets frantic calls for help from people who have either forgotten or left to the last possible moment the scanning of photographs or slides.

The many reasons for these last minute requests varies but is usually as a result of a family celebration, holidays or event. The scanning of the photographs and slides allows for precious images to be preserved but also shared. Shared to those that have never seen the images before or not for a long time.

The main events we find that people call us for urgent help with are:

Christmas  (makes for a fabulous and unique gift)

Birthdays (usually for photo books)

Wedding Anniversaries (often shown at a party)

Funerals (often shown at the wake)

Because we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service – where customers can always call us and talk to us, then we can really understand and evaluate what is required. We can put together a realistic action plan and reassure our customers. 

We have been known to receive a call asking for urgent help and for their photographs or slides to be scanned and converted and returned within 48 hours. We will never over promise and we most certainly never under deliver.

Digitizing photos allows for images, often unseen for many many years to finally be seen and shared. This is why Digitize Media exists. So whatever the reason, whether its a celebration, a mile stone moment or the remembering of loves ones then our service can help and we have the team to be able available to talk through your requirements. 

You photos and slides are important to you. Our clients matter to us. 

Service is core to the Digitize Media values. We may be an online, small family run company but we provide a local shopkeeper level of service. 


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