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Keep Your Children’s Memories Forever and learn how to digitize photos

If your children have now grown up and left home then your life is likely to be a lot quieter, and you can relax a bit more and learn how to digitize photos and not having to:

  • Make the school run
  • Take your children to weekend or evening events
  • Keep the children’s clothes clean and ironed
  • Keep their healthy appetite sustained
  • And a thousand other things

The main problem is that you miss doing the above so much! There is much less chaos and arguments, and much more space and time around the household.

What you probably do have are hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of the children hidden away at various places in the house. Where they are located is another matter….

Most Precious Memories

These photos contain some of your most precious memories, but sometimes it’s simply too inconvenient to locate and retrieve them from wherever they are stored.

It would be such a shame it would be to lose all those of memories because they were not properly saved or you were confronted with a natural disaster. If your photos are digitised and stored electronically, then you will have peace of mind if something untoward were to happen.

Photographs And Slides In The Attic or Garage

At lot of people store their old printed photographs and slides in the attic or garage, which is the worst place to store them, as the fluctuating temperatures in summer and winter will lead to a deterioration in the quality of the images.

Hopefully your old photo albums will just be gathering dust on a shelf or in the lounge cabinet.

Hopefully, when you do locate the old photos and slides, they will not be in an unrepairable state, and you can still remember who, when and where about the photos.

But now is the time to take-action and protect the family’s history by preserving your children’s photos for the future.

What Type of Photos are you Likely to Find?

Early Years

Keeping baby photos of your children is extremely important. Every precious moment from your child’s early years should be saved.

These could be formal events like their first birthday, their first Christmas or the first day of school, or they could be candid shots of kids doing what kids do. This could be exploring outdoors, toying with their pets, or playing with their friends.

These moments only lasted a second but have left an unforgettable mark on your life. Sometimes, it is important to include photos of other kids to put the whole occasion into context.

School Events

School events photos are an easy way to show your children growing up.

School event phots show the rapport with other of parents, teachers, and students, and capture invaluable, point in time memories to cherish and share.

Some of the proudest moments a parent can have are during their children’s school accomplishments. You can capture the unexpected friendships, the high energy excitement, and the important events that make these memories some of your favourites to capture.

The events could be dances, graduations, school productions such as plays, concerts and talent shows or sporting events.


Obviously, weddings are one of the most important days in yours and your children’s lives.

Some wedding traditions, like throwing rice and the bride’s garter, date back decades, but as you will look back over your wedding photographs you will see that weddings have not always looked the same.

For example, wedding dresses have changed, the cost has greatly increased, and some traditions have disappeared.

Wedding photographs are different from other genres of photography, because there is only one chance to capture the moment.

So, if your children have reached the age where they are beginning to start families of their own, you’ll want to hold on to pictures of the special day for ever.

How to Digitize Photos Professional Photo Scanning Services

When you have located the photos, you should act to protect them.

If you are thinking of scanning the photos yourselves, it isn’t as straightforward as putting them into a scanner and pressing the start button. You will need to purchase a scanner, learn how to use it, and spend hours scanning each photo one-by-one. You will have to understand the correct photo orientation, proper resolution, file sizes, file formats and every other technical aspect of photo scanning.

The best way, after sorting and labelling the photos, is to employ a professional photo scanning service, like Digitize Media, that can store all those memories quickly and in the correct format.

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