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Loft’s and Garages and Bulging Cupboard Space

Who doesn’t have bundles of photographs or slides just gathering dust in some spare room cupboard, loft or garage?

Most never get to see the light of day and end up deteriorating. Then what happens? The boxes occasionally get stumbled upon and you pick up one photo, take a look; then another, and before you know it you have immersed yourself in these images. They are bringing to you so many good memories. However, you eventually pull yourself away, vowing to scan the images so you can easily see them, whenever you want and without having to first blow away dust and cobwebs. Of course, you never quite get around to it and before you realise it’s another couple of years before you see those images again. Images that bring a smile to your face.

Digitize Media was set up with the intention to make the conversion of your photographs or slides to a digital format as easy as possible. The online process is sleek, quick and simple. However, we have gone one step further and we will always guarantee to provide the personal touch – call us and we will place the order for you manually. We understand the emotional concern surrounding your photographs and slides.

A good customer experience is important to us as your guarantee is our reputation.

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