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A Perfect Christmas Gift – Digital Photo Frame with Your Converted Images

Christmas can be a difficult time to know what to buy your elderly relatives. We all want to be original with our gifts or to present a gift that will bring a genuine smile to your loved one’s face.

What better way than to arrange for their hidden away photographs or slides to be converted and then these perfectly scanned images to be shown on a digital device.

Not all elderly people are comfortable using an IPad or similar device. So, we recommend one of our sleek, easy to use, digital photo frames to display your newly converted images. These frames are a perfect way to view time and time again these wonderful, though provoking, images. It can be held like and IPad or just left to scroll through the images on a mantel piece. It also has great additional features such as an alarm clock, calendar and comes with an easy to use remote control.

These frames have shown to be particularly good for those people who unfortunately find themselves to be in a position where they are feeling low, lonely or restricted in what they can do as they have been shown to be a great stimulus and as such lift the spirits and create positive emotions. Ideal for care home residents or people convalescing.

We offer frames and scanning packages from just £99 – a low cost, high value gift option.Digital Photo Frames 1__1508764503_109.174.173.242 Digital Photo Frames 3__1508764544_109.174.173.242

Digital Photo frames by Digitize Media
Digital Photo frames by Digitize Media

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