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Ways to Celebrate Virtually

If you are having to cancel or scale down an upcoming event, be it a wedding, birthday, special anniversary or something else, Digitize Media, who provide a Photo Digitisation Service, has studied ways to still celebrate the event and include activities that can be performed from afar to keep families and friends together.

People are having to radically change their behaviour due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Large group gatherings are not permitted, while some people will be tempted to break the rules, a far more sensible approach is for each family or friend to stay at home and attend via a virtual event.

Special Activities For Online Participation

Families and friends can prepare special activities for online participation, including online photo viewing, games, eating and drinking while physically apart. If there is one good thing about a virtual party, it enables all people to be present, even if they cannot travel for health or work reasons or the distances are simply too far. This is greatly beneficial for elderly relatives who live in nursing homes.

Even for those not so technology switched on, it is possible to enjoy the celebration using easy to use computer or mobile phone applications.

Digitize Media has served many customers across the UK by digitizing their old photos and slides. This has allowed thousands of people to have their old pictures scanned, so that they can be easily shared from afar with their friends and families.

Hosting Virtual Events

You may now be enjoying the summer in the UK, but autumn and winter are not long away, this will involve Halloween, Christmas, New year as well as a host of birthdays and anniversaries.

Of course, people joining events virtually by using Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, or Zoom is hardly a new thing, but it is sometimes hard to feel part of the occasion when nearly everyone else is at one venue trying to crowd around a phone or a computer to chat with you.

Nowadays, people will be spread around the country or the world, so everyone is in the same situation, albeit trying to have the same amount of fun if you are in New Zealand when the party is scheduled for the evening UK time is not so easy!

Entertainment Possibilities

We, at Digitize Media, think that half the fun of a party or get together is arranging the entertainment possibilities beforehand. The difference now is that the entertainment will be occur online in real-time.

Often these special occasions are the only time that friends and families can get together, so we shall look at some of the entertainment possibilities for an online event.

Beforehand, make sure everyone understands how and when to log in, as technology is great when it works, but infuriating when it does not and could cause a lot of anguish on these special occasions if someone were to miss out.

A Simple Video Call

Send invitations to your friends and family to gather at a specific time during the event for a virtual video call celebration while everyone is safe at home.

You can share stories and watch and listen to the conversations to celebrate with your relatives, and friends.

A Game That Everyone Can Play

For example, Jackbox is a service that allows you to Facetime with your friends and family while playing virtual games.

Virtual Memory Wheel

Get everyone to select ten of their all-time most memorable pictures from past and share all the pictures online, and narrates the story behind the photos. If you do not yet have your photos in a digital format then Digitize Media can help you.

Create Event Photos

Take an event photo, complete with all virtual guests and use a collage photo app to assemble an event keepsake and order photo gifts for everyone.

Guess Who Cards

Arrange for everyone to submit a message card describing something unusual that has happened to them then let the other guests try to guess who the person is.

Send Gifts

Send gifts by mail before the virtual event and open then during the interactive Zoom party.

Photo Digitisation Service

Contact Digitize Media who provide a Photo Digitisation Service if you want to use yoour old photos in a virtaul event.


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