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Photo Digitizing Service - Use Your Spare Time During Lockdown

A Long Winter Lockdown

Use the time to finally get your photographs and slides sorted and future proofed by using a Photo Digitizing Service?

Things are looking less than promising for the avoidance of a second Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown this 2020/21 winter.

With the virus restrictions already:

  • Reducing pub and restaurant opening hours
  • Encouraging working from home saving hours of traveling time
  • Reducing social meeting numbers to close family members

It seems that al least some of us will be spending more time at home than we originally had planned over the winter months.

Maybe, during the Spring lockdown, you had considered getting your old photos and slides scanned into the digital age, so that they are future proofed and readily available to be used as gifts or for the remote Christmas get togethers that most of us are now expecting.

Creating A Unique Gift

There is no doubt that a photo is a unique gift, but now there are so many more ways in which the photo can be used as a present. These gifts will have far more use than the normal, last minute idea presents that we come up with most years when free time is a lot shorter supply.

Impress your friends and family with a photo gift that is unique – and easy to make.

After all, you likely have a lifetime of memories stored in photo albums and shoeboxes in attics and garages ready to be shared with your friends and family.

Planning Your Christmas Party

At this time of year we are normally scouring the Internet looking for the cheapest flights within the UK or abroad so that we can spend the obligatory Christmas day with the family (like it or not), but this year it hardly seems to worth the risk. This is especially true if your family is abroad and no-one knows what the travel restrictions will be like in 3 weeks never mind 3 months.

Even if you family is located within driving distance in the UK, we do not know at this stage how many people can be at the party or how far we will be able to travel from our own homes.

So, it may be better to use this planning sorting and filing your old photos and slides so that they are ready for digitisation and distribution.

If your Christmas party is going to be online this year then your photos can be used to show Christmas’s gone by where you were all together in the same place.

DIY or Photo Digitizing Service

Before we come onto the subject of digitizing the photos and slides, we must not forget the amount of time that will be required to clean, sort and label all your old photos.

We at Digited Media, who are a Photo Digitizing Service, have written several useful articles to help you:

  • Remove the glue from photos
  • How to sort and identifying which photos that you wish to digitize
  • Packaging and sending your photos to a professional photo scanning service

Once digitized, your photos:

  • Will not fade over time
  • Can be repaired with software
  • Can be organized and easily searched on your computer or online major categories like decades or people, and then sub organise them into sections
  • Can be shared them with friends and family over email and social media, or via scrapbooks, slideshows, and physical objects

If you have plenty of time on your hands during the second lockdown, then you can invest in DIY photo scanning hardware and software and slowly scan and correct each photo or slide.

If you have too many photos or do not think that you have the technical knowledge to handle the photo scanning yourself then you can employ a professional service to scan your photos in the UK.

Please contact us for more details on how we can help you enjoy your Christmas during these times.

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