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How to Prepare for Slides to be Scanned to Digital

Select your favorite Slides to be Scanned to Digital

Depending on your choice how many Slides to be Scanned to Digital – this could be a process that takes time and they should be selected into a logical order.

If you have a lot of slides to preview, we have covered the best methods to view the slides to make your choices in this article (link).

If you are short of time and budget is not an issue, then it may be the best bet to ship all of your old slides to your professional slide scanning company, such as Digitize Media.

How Much will it Cost your Slides to be Scanned to Digital Format

Slide Formats Accepted: All slides that are held in mounts where the mount measures 2″ x 2″.

Your slides will be scanned at 3300 ppi and converted to JPG.

We have an easy cost calculator for you to know how much it will cost to scan your slides to digital format. No hidden costs.

If you have too many slides to count, then Digitize Media offer a scan first pay later service. Call us for more information on how this works. Again no hidden costs.

Put the Slides to be Scanned into a Logical Order

Once you’ve selected the slides that you wish to scan, it is a good idea to put the slides into a logical order, so that your slide scanning company will scan your images in order of timeline and events.  However, whilst every effort is made to keep the slides in order, this cannot be guaranteed.

If you do not take this step then you will have to organize the slides on your computer when the slides are returned in digital format. We, at Digitize Media, think that it is easier and faster to organise the slides before you send then to us for converting to digital format. All converted files though can be renamed at any time so the images can be put in a new order.

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Slides After They have been Digitized

Have you thought about what to do with your original slides after they have been scanned and returned to you?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping your slides:

Advantages of Keeping Your Slides after they have been scanned

Your slides are the originals of your images, and can be scanned again in the future. Reasons that you may want to rescan your slides are:

  • You may wish to keep the physical slides for keepsake purposes – they will be part of history in the future.

Disadvantages of Keeping Your Slides after they have been scanned

  • You need to allocate space
  • Slides can be difficult to view, so they may never be used
  • They will continue to deteriorate.

How to Store Your Slides and Keep Them Safe

We will soon have another article on how to how to store your slides and keep them safe, but if you decide to keep your slides once they have been scanned and converted and returned, then make sure you store them properly:

  • Protected so that they are free of dust and dirt,
  • Placed flat
  • Within polyethylene sleeves
  • Kept in cool, dark and dry environment

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