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UK Photo Scanning Service

Digitize Media’s best photo scanning service UK is perfect for converting all your photograpghs from over the years. We have scanned photos for The BBC, National Trust and the NHS! Not to name the countless transport spotters, art collectors and travel enthusiasts! See our key facts on our photo scanning UK service below.

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Some key facts about our family photo scanning service:

  • Our cheap photo scanning service always includes a USB free of charge 
  • Ultra high resolution  scanning – 300 DPI, 600 DPI and 1200 DPI (more about what DPI may be best suited to you below)
  • We can scan your photos into digital folders at £2.00 per folder.
  • All photos go through our pre-treatment process which includes professional dust removal before scanning.
  • As always we offer a free trial with all our services. If you would like is to scan up to 5 of your own photos and send you a USB with them on, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team can arrange this for you! 
  • We also offer our scan first pay later option, this means you do not have to go the hassle of counting all of your photos, we will scan your photos and we will then invoice you for the exact amount we have scanned!

Standard (300 DPI)

This is perfect for everyday use. Just because it is the lowest resolution we offer it doesn’t mean its bad! This is perfect for viewing on a phone/ laptop or tablet device.

Premium (600 DPI) (Recommended)

This is our most popular option. Its perfect for viewing on phone, laptop and tablet as well as larger screens such as TV’s and projectors. It also produces a slighter clearer image.

Professional (1200 DPI)

This is our most popular option for our commercial clients and professionals. This is our highest resolution. This is perfect for all of the above as well as enlarging or re-printing. 


Current prices are as follows (all our prices include a USB free of charge at no extra cost!):

(You can also see our live pricing page where you can enter the exact quantity you have here)

1-150 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI) = £0.16/ £0.20/ £0.28

151-400 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI) = £0.15/ £0.19/ £0.27

401 – 650 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI) = £0.14/ £0.18/ £0.26

651 – 850 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI) = £0.13/ £0.17/ £0.25

851 – 1000 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI) = £0.12/ £0.16/ £0.24

1001 – 3000 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI)= £0.11/ £0.15/ £0.23

3001 – 5500 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI)= £0.10/ £0.14/ £0.22

5501 – 8000 (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI)= £0.09/ £0.13/ £0.21

8001+ (300 DPI/ 600 DPI/ 1200 DPI) = £0.08/ £0.12/ £0.20 / Contact us for special bulk prices 

Our turnaround time varies on order size however you can expect to have them back fully digitised in a few days for smaller orders then 2 weeks as a guide for larger orders.

Feel free to call us on 0192 337 2002 or Email us at enquiries@digitizemedia.co.uk