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Commercial Photograph Scanning

Whilst most of our scanning work is regular household conversions, we do also undertake commercial scanning for professional photographers.

Photographers approach us for 2 possible reasons :  to convert their own photography archives or to convert on their behalf for their own clients.

Either way the results are always the same …… professional high quality scanning.

Many of our photography clients tend to have collections from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The collections tend to consist of thousands of photographs, black and white, colour, small, large – all kinds. Not a problem as we have both the equipment and experience.

Of course professional photography was once the only option for people. Back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s people could not even dare to dream to own their own camera so any family portraits were taken by a professional and often developed using specialist materials for that time. Digitize Media has scanned tin backed photographs and some on very delicate materials.

As our prices are already very competitive we do not offer trade rates but we will try and provide a bespoke price and service package. As always we believe in talking and making sure that we fully understand what is required. What we will not do is over promise. Its important we manage expectations at all time.

Confidentiality is key and very important to our team. We never share images and delete them after 30 days. We would also never share any information other than to our direct client.

So, Digitize Media welcomes working with our commercial clients and we believe that they enjoy working with us too. Full references are available from our previous customers.

No client leaves us unsatisfied as we care and as we say “you are only as good as your last job!”


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