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35mm Slide Scanner

As we all know slides are a very much a technology from yesteryear. Projectors, slides manufactures and processing labs no longer can be found. However, whilst the service and hardware no longer exists there is a forgotten army of slides hidden away in peoples lofts and garages unseen for years.

So when people decide that they want to view the slides again and share the experiences with family they have only one avenue – to scan and convert them.


Slide Scanners

We have found, thanks to Google, that many of our customers start their scanning journey by searching on line for slide scanners – with all kinds of search terms used:

35mm Slide Scanner

Slide scanner

How to scan slides

Scan your own slides

Best scanner for slides

Digitise Slides


How to make my slides digital?

However, time and time again and despite some clients carrying out extensive research (and often spending a sizeable amount on a scanner) the results end up being disappointing. Clients find the set up process arduous and this one off purchase can often be costlier than the rates offered by Digitize Media.

So, despite making a purchase of a scanner these clients generally end up regretting their decision so much that they write off the costs that they have outlaid and time wasted and contact Digitize Media for help. Once we had one client that was so fed up with his scanner purchase he sent it to us with his order just so that he did not have to look at it again!

So for something quite specialist as slide scanning then please leave it to the experts who have professional commercial equipment like Digitize Media.

Save time, save money and achieve professional results by ditching the DIY idea and use a company that specialises in this service.

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