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Digitize Your Old Photos - And Make Money By Selling Them On eBay

Selling Digital Photos on eBay

During your recent photo sorting exercise during the COVID-19 Coronvirus lockdown, when you had time to digitize your old photos, you may have become aware that some of your photographs may be valuable to other people. These could include:

  • Photograph Collectors
  • Online Publications

This article looks at the way that you can monetize your digital photo collection using eBay.

Selling Digitized Photos on eBay

eBay has been in existence since 1995, and is the largest auction web site in the world.

eBay is a great way to sell your digital photos online These photos could be:

  • Antiques
  • Celebrity shots
  • One-of-a-kind images
  • Photos of sporting events
  • Nature shots
  • Weird photos
  • Photos for screensavers

When selling photos on eBay there are some rules that you must follow.

  • Be specific about what you are selling: a print, resell rights or public usage rights. (More information below)
  • Make sure you have read and understand eBays rules for selling photographs and that you adhere to their nudity and privacy rules where appropriate.
  • Supply your contact details and samples of your work in the item description wherever possible.

Before loading your photos onto eBay, we commend that you do some research. This will teach you not to try to sell photos that are :

  • Dark or small
  • With a poor description
  • With unrealistic prices

Reselling Rights on Digitized Photos

These are the different photography reselling rights:

  • If you are selling with resell rights then you are giving your customer the right to resell your image.
  • If you sell with full rights then you will not be able to sell the photo later on because you will no longer be in possession of the rights.
  • If you are giving the customer the full rights to your photo then you must ensure that charge an appropriate price as this will be the only sale you make.
  • If, however, you sell public usage rights your customer will not be able to resell the photo but they will be able to publicly display your photos. You will be able to sell these photos to an unlimited amount of people

Advice on Advertising Your Digital Photos on eBay

Load a photo in compressed JPEG format (450 by 600 pixels), which will show all the features but does not take too long to load

We think that the best category to advert your photos on eBay is Art/Photographic Images. There are various sub-categories for you to choose from.

The titles of your adverts are crucial as your titles are (in standard searches) what appear in the eBay search results, and when browsing a category. eBay only allows you 45 characters in the title, while the length of your description is unlimited.

You will need a web site to host your images that will appear on your auction page. No problem If you already have your own website, If you do not yet have your own web site, you can use services such as Village Photos.

How to Digitize Your Old Photos

If you have excellent photos that you feel will reach a good price on eBay, but they are not yet in digital format, it is best to contact a professional photo scanning service such as Digitize Media.

Every step we adopt to digitize your old photos is part of a tested and secure process. No images or data are ever shared.

We hold your images for 30 days only (just in case you want another copy and once we know you have received your photos or slides back) – after that every image is permanently deleted.

A full tracking service is in place and regular progress emails will be sent to you

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