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Scan Old New Years Photos

Hopefully, in 2021, we will be able to enjoy New Year’s Eve in a more traditional manner whether it’s just having a few close friends around for a couple of drinks or a full blown dinner party. Part of the evening will be spent posing for photos, some of which you will come to regret, which will be immediately transmitted around the world. Whichever way you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2021, part of the evening will be spent reminiscing the year gone by. This will inevitably lead to conversations of New Year’s Eves on years gone by, but without scouring the attic for photos of the event you will not have the immediate access to the photos that you have had in recent years. So why not Scan Old New Years Photos now and give everyone a big surprise on New Year’s Eve?

How To Prepare To Scan Old New Years Photos

Most people store their old New Years’ Eve photos in a variety of places whether they are hidden in shoeboxes, tucked away in a nearby wardrobe or in dusty albums.

Let’s discuss the process to scan and digitize old photos to create a memorable New Year’s Eve presentation that will make some people smile and others squirm.

Hunting for Old New Year’s Eve Photos

The hardest part of scanning old New Year’s Eve photos is finding them. You may want to engage with some of the other attendees at your New Year’s Eve event to locate some additional old photos as well so that you get an all-round view of the participants. Action will be required immediately for the British mailing system to work so that you have time to digitize them before the big day.

Organising And Digitizing Old Photos

Now you are faced with a big pile of photos that need to be organised. Many of the photos will not be relevant as they are blurred, faded or not very interesting to the party guests.

As this is a New Year’s Eve collection it will be best to organise the photos in folders by year. When shuffling through your pile of photos start pulling out the images that tell a story or make you feel something. It is often useful to get a second pair of eyes to add dates or the stories behind these photos. This will be sure to add some laughs to the tipsy folks at the event.

Scan Old New Years Photos

As New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and if you have chosen to Scan Old New Years Photos yourself using your own equipment, you had better start the scanning process now as it is a very slow process

You may choose to skip the old-school scanner and let your phone do the work. New apps allow you to quickly scan photos and documents right from your mobile phone.

Alternatively, you may find the thought of scanning all these photos yourself during this busy time of year and choose a professional photo scanning company such as Digitize Media. Advantages of employing a professional photo scanning company include:

  • Tailor made solutions based on your ideal requirements.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Traceable courier collection service.
  • Family based order images can be shared amongst family members once digitized.

Save and Share Your Digitized Images

You now have digital versions to share with everyone else after the New Year’s Eve party.

One option for cloud file storage is Dropbox. Through this platform you can upload your photos from either your laptop or from your phone by using the handy phone app. Create a folder and invite all the party guests to access the photos.

You can also make a photo album and share it as a belated New Year’s present to give your part a second life.

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