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Turn Old Sports Photos into Digital Images

With all the excitement of England reaching the final of Euro 2020, it has a lot of people reminiscing and about past exploits in 1966 and 1900. This has meant a trip to the attic or garage to find the old photographs to back up what you have been saying! But now that you have found them is it time to scan sports photos into digital format so that everyone can see them?

Let us not forget that the other home nations have also had their heydays in the past:

  • Northern Ireland reaching the World Cup finals in 1982 and 1986.
  • Scotland qualifying for the World Cup finals in every year from 1974 to 1990 (yes really).
  • The magnificent Wales rugby team of the 1970s when they won the Grand Slam in 71, 76 and 78.

Sharing Photographs

Of course, in 2021 all your photos celebrating England’s journey will have been taken in digital format and shared instantly with your family and friends as soon as the ball hit the back of the net, but this was not the case before 1990 when sharing photographs was not that easy.

If your nearest and dearest did not live close by this would mean risking your photos to Royal Mail to get delivered or getting a second set of photographs copied and sending them off. Both these ideas are not exactly spur of the moment ways to share these precious old memories.

Digitize The Old Photographs

Now that you have spent the timing finding and sorting through the photos from these great past events, why not take the opportunity to scan your sports photos and make them available for sharing for ever as these old pictures tell the story of the day, but they will not last forever.

At Digitize Media, we scan thousands of photos every week and we know our we know the value of preservation.

Old photos keep longer with proper care, but this fix only works in the short run. The stories they tell are worth more than the paper they are printed on. And much like old photos, our memories can fade over time. Scanning your old photos to digital is the best way to make your legacy last.

Even Older Photographs

Photography started in the 19th century, and you will have probably found hundreds of other photographs when looking for the 1966 box, so your vintage pictures could be close to 200 years old. These photos let you see what life was like for your family in the early days.

There is not a magic formula to find out how long your memories have left. Old photos of the 1960s should be in better shape than a collection of antique photographs, but their shelf life depends on the ways in which they are made, used, and kept.

  • You can probably tell by the way they are starting to yellow and curl at the edges that your old pictures are made from unstable materials that can fade and break down over time.
  • Poor handling can harm your photos, too. Paper photos can bend and rip if you are not careful when flipping through them. Touching them with bare hands can leave oils from your skin behind and harm these items even more.
  • Forces like heat, humidity, and sunlight can ruin your photographs shape and colour by warping the paper that they are printed on. It is best to keep them in cool, dry places with low sunlight and no air pollution.

How to Scan Sports Photos

You can save and enjoy these precious moments by scanning your old pictures right now, but what is the best way to scan old photos? You have two options:

  • Buy a scanner and do it yourself.
  • Find a service that does professional scanning for old photographs.

The DIY Approach

Before deciding to digitize your old sporting memories consider these questions:

  • Do you have the free time to spend hours feeding photos through a scanner?
  • Do you have the money, the hundreds, even thousands, of pounds that it takes to buy a decent scanner and some editing software in your budget?
  • Are you technical enough to set up and run a scanner, edit the images, and organize digital files?

Scan Sports Photos with the Professional Approach

Maybe you are thinking that you do not trust putting these cherished memories in someone else’s hands. You want to be sure that whoever is handling your old photographs is treating them with the utmost care.

When considering a professional photo scanning service there are several important considerations to think about:

  • In which format will you receive the digital copies?
  • For online only services, are you comfortable with minimal interaction between yourself and the company about your photos?
  • Is there a reputable customer service contact in case anything goes wrong or you have questions?
  • Does the company have good reviews from happy customers?
  • Will your photos be digitized in the UK or processed overseas?

Digitize Media are a UK based company with human beings ready to take your questions at any time. You can check out the positive reviews here.

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